Southern Alberta Rabbit Breeders Association

Rabbit Shows? Those Exist?

​This is frequently the response when people hear about our shows, and in response I would like to say: Yes! Let me tell you more about them!

SARBA is a chartered club with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Once a year we host a weekend of shows sanctioned by ARBA. We hire judges who are licenced by ARBA and the shows are run according to the rules set by ARBA, which can be found here.

Our shows are 'carrying cage shows', which means that the rabbits stay in their travel cages for the duration of the show, except when they are brought to the judging tables. We would like to note that these are travel cages, NOT the rabbits regular homes.

When a breed is called the exhibitors bring their rabbits to the judging tables. Once judging has begun no one except for the judge and the clerk are allowed behind the judging tables. The judge then compares each rabbit to the ARBA standard of perfection, and the clerk records the judge's decisions. Once the judge has seen every rabbit they then choose a Best of Breed, and Best Opposite Sex of Breed. After all the breeds have been judged the Best Of rabbits are brought back to the table, and the judge then chooses one as Best of Show, Reserve in Show, and Best Opposite Sex in Show.

Spectators are welcome to come and watch, and you may even learn more about rabbits as some judges like to give commentary as they work. We hope to see you at our next show, now that you know what they're all about!